Careful when you open correspondence in Florida that appears to be from the government!

Par Le soleil de la Floride

Many Canadians have formed corporations in Florida for different purposes. Some to conduct a business and others to hold title to real estate purchased in Florida.

These Florida corporations must be renewed each year, “Annual Report” and this opens the door to various companies contacting you by mail offering various related corporation services. Some of these offer to prepare your annual minutes of the corporation (the same thing you probably already have in your corporate stock book as blank minutes to be filled out) and other for various other reasons, including annual minutes, posting required in the workplace and required by various laws in certain circumstances.


Most of the correspondence offering services will appear to be from a government agency. One such notice is entitled LABOR LAW COMPLAINCE NOTICE and states on the envelope the words in bold print “FLORIDA BUSINESSES INSIDE: 11 FEDERAL & FLORIDA REGULATIONS AFFECTING YOUR EMPLOYEES OPEN IMMEDIATELY”. However, in the smallest print, the human eye can see at the bottom of a page inside the envelope are the words “Compliance Dept. is a Non Government publisher of copyright compliance poster…”It is obvious that this is an attempt to make you believe that the government is notifying you that you are in violation of some federal or state law and hoping that you will be fooled and respond by accepting there request for payment for the poster.

The fee requested by this private company is $105.00 and it is titled “Comp Fee”. How much more formal and government sounding can you make this correspondence apparently sent to numerous new corporations. It makes it look like there is no choice but to pay this fee, even though the law referred to probably never will apply to your corporation.

However it is nothing different than a leasing car advertisement, on TV or newspaper, which offers a car for a 3 year lease for only $159 a month, but in extremely small print, well hidden in the advertisement, a statement that this the $159 a month lease is only upon your paying the sum of $3,500 at time of signing the lease. There is a big difference between $159 a month and the true amount coming to $259 a month.

It is a sad day when companies like that referred above, can attempt to mislead you and there is no violation of any laws. The company involved even shows its address as “CAPITAL CIRCLE” in the State of Florida capitol, Tallahassee.

When you get such notices, get yourself a nice large magnifying glass to read the fine print. It’s true that you need to keep your annual minutes in your corporate stock book current but these minutes are short and simple in the majority of cases.